Geographic Information System Mapping and Analysis

Geographic information system (GIS) mapping and analysis play an integral role in identifying, quantifying, and tracking potential impacts to sensitive resources, as well as documenting changes in project design and approach over time. Insignia integrates GIS into every facet of our approach and has established methods and tools for data collection, post-processing, analysis, and visualization that enable rapid turnaround of field-collected information, as well as flexibility when producing maps and associated materials for agency negotiation and permitting. Our GIS specialists also have extensive experience leveraging online platforms to quickly deploy data to our clients, team members, and agency staff for review.


  • Data Management and Cartographic Production
  • Project Data Design
  • Spatial Analysis and Modeling
  • Routing and Feasibility Analysis
  • Viewshed/Visibility Analysis
  • Three-Dimensional Spatial Analysis, Mapping, and Visualization
  • Multi-Platform Global Positioning System Data Collection and Post-Processing
  • Resources Mapping
  • Mobile and Web-Based GIS
  • Open Source GIS
  • Custom GIS Applications
  • CAD Integration and Conversion
  • Additional Graphic Services
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