Compensatory Mitigation Planning and Implementation

Insignia has designed and developed numerous compensatory mitigation solutions to address agency-required mitigation for project impacts. We have provided guidance in the selection of mitigation sites and whether using mitigation banks, fee programs, a mitigation and monitoring plan, or a combination of these options will work best for the restoration of specific habitats while ensuring cost-effectiveness. In addition, Insignia regularly communicates with a wide variety of research and land conservation entities to maintain a current list of potential mitigation site and mitigation bank opportunities.


  • Compensatory Mitigation Option Identification
  • Mitigation Alternative Comparison
  • Agency Negotiation
  • Nonprofit Coordination
  • Compensatory Mitigation Plan and Proposal Development
  • Conservation Easement Establishment
  • Habitat Management Plan Development
  • Habitat Mitigation and Monitoring Plan Development
  • Adaptive Management Plan Development
  • Land Acquisition Support
  • Property Analysis Record Assessment
  • Mitigation Site Design
  • Financial Agreement Preparation and Implementation
  • Mitigation Bank Credit Purchase
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