The mark of excellence Insignia

Founded by President Anne Marie McGraw in the dining room of her Palo Alto home, the firm’s first project was a California Environmental Quality Act document for an oil pipeline.

From those modest beginnings, we have grown into a national business operating out of several offices with staff located throughout the United States.

“We harness our horsepower, brainpower, and willpower to exceed client expectations. With Insignia, our clients accomplish projects faster, with lower costs and fewer constraints.”

Anne Marie McGraw, President
  • What’s Happening at FERC?
    SPRING 2021: POTENTIAL POLICY CHANGES DIRECTED BY CONGRESS In December 2020, Congress passed the American Energy Innovation Act (AEIA), which was part of the COVID-19 relief bill. Passed under bipartisan leadership, the AEIA included more than 50 new energy-focused measures that aim to modernize energy laws, invest in clean energy technology, and strengthen national security. …

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  • Insignia President co-authors book
    Insignia is proud to announce that its founder and president has co-authored a book dedicated to the advancement of women business owners.
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