Stakeholder Engagement

Routing and construction of linear infrastructure projects pose unique public perception challenges. Concerns related to public safety, community disruption, and environmental impacts often are formed without context or facts. Left unresolved, these concerns can delay and potentially derail critical infrastructure programs. On behalf of our clients, Insignia collaborates with project stakeholders to ensure accurate and clear messages are developed and communicated during the routing, development, construction, and decommissioning of projects.

For over 10 years, Insignia has provided premier service to clients with the critical mission of providing safe and reliable infrastructure to communities throughout North America. We rely on tested methodologies and the most current technologies to engage stakeholders with diverse perspectives. We support our clients and project success by developing and delivering key messages and engaging the public during all critical-path phases. From project inception, we anticipate issues and create innovative communication strategies to eliminate potential roadblocks. We partner with agencies and interested stakeholders to create meaningful and effective decision-making processes that encourage transparency and active participation.

Stakeholder Identification
Public Outreach Program Design and Implementation
Public Involvement Plan Preparation
Communication Strategy Development and Execution
Public Scoping and Noticing
Issue Monitoring and Risk Mitigation
Communication Management and Documentation
Meeting Facilitation
Outreach Material Design, Development, and Production
Training Development and Delivery
Multilingual Translation