Environmental Planning and Regulatory Permitting

Insignia provides a diverse range of environmental planning services. Our approach includes desktop-level research and analysis, as well as the development and evaluation of alternative scenarios, for which we use a variety of GIS-based tools and other analytical resources to identify cost-effective and impact-minimizing solutions. As part of the planning process, our multi-disciplinary teams conduct intensive fieldwork and technical analyses, engage stakeholders, and coordinate with regulatory agencies.

Insignia excels at identifying permitting needs and creating thorough permitting strategies to meet those needs. We have vast experience developing creative solutions to assist clients with difficult permitting challenges. We have also worked with agency staff to explore all potential permitting options, including programmatic permits, exemptions, and other permitting approaches that satisfy regulatory requirements.

Our teams have worked closely with applicants, agency personnel, and legal advisors to ensure every step of the planning and permitting processes are strictly followed to minimize legal challenges and project delays. As part of this process, we facilitate positive and effective relations among the parties involved.

Routing and Siting Studies
Feasibility and Constraints Analyses
Timber Harvest Plans
Land Development Forecasts
California Public Utilities Commission Proponent’s Environmental Assessments
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Environmental Reports
California Environmental Quality Act and National Environmental Policy Act documents
Resource Agency Consultation and Relations
Permitting Needs Assessments and Strategies
Permit Tracking and Agency Reporting
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans
Dust Control Plans
Dewatering/Discharge Plans
Mitigation/Compensation Plans
Mitigation Monitoring Plans
Environmental Compliance Management Plans
Plans of Development/Construction Plans
Environmental Guidance Manuals for Operation and Maintenance